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The meaning of Corban's name

Corban is a Hebrew word that means "a gift devoted to the Lord" or "a consecrated gift."  The word is used in Mark 7:11 when Jesus scolds the pharisees for allowing people to declare their possessions "Corban" so that they won't have to give for the care of their parents.  

Asainayagam (pronounced Ah-say-nigh-uh-gum) was the middle name of Richard's paternal grandfather (whose first name was also Richard).  It is a Tamil name, as is Muthiah.  Tamils originated in Sri Lanka and India, though my father was born and raised in Malaysia.  Just to be clear, we're of Sri Lankan Tamil descent (an important distinction to some!).

Richard's brother, Rob, has the middle name of Asai.  Richard's middle name is Nayagam.  We decided to join them back together for Corban's middle name.

I'm not sure if Asainayagam has a particular meaning, but I'm trying to find out.